Lackner+Buckingham - A Digital Conspiracy
Wtf does that mean? It means we are different. Very different. We don’t follow trends, and we have no desire to make them. We are simply creators. Craftspeople. Our canvas of choice is digital — iOS, Android, www and whatever comes next — our galleries are the internet, mobile and social applications. With that said, our roots are in art; design, illustration, animation and film. Consequently we create in digital languages with analog sensitivity. We are functioning art-o-holics. 
Every co-conspirator we work with wants the same thing, to be different, to stand out, to not be a sheep — unless it is a black one. They care deeply about aesthetics, creativity and high level functions, and they want it to be flexible and super simple to use. We have an app for that. (Sorry.) 
After 20 years in development (7 as Lackner+Buckingham), we have determined that the best method for us to create the most dynamic digital experiences was to create our own frameworks. From these frameworks we have created fully customizable, small footprint, modules that accelerates integration so that co-conspirators can quickly deliver highly designed, uniquely branded, personalized marketing and shopping experiences across web, mobile, and social touchpoints. By developing our own technologies we have unheard of flexibility and extensibility.
Paul Lackner
Creative Director
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